Articles of Faith


The Sri Chinmoy Centre has been my life, my journey and my home for many, many years. I hope these pages offer a small glimpse into the joy, the grace and the wonder that is Sri Chinmoy.

The following is a selected list of hitherto unpublished articles that I have written about Sri Chinmoy over a number of decades. Some are old and some are new but, in one sense at least, they will all remain timeless for they are snapshots from the life of a great Spiritual Master. And, however inadequately they capture in words the true essence of his being, they are a humble attempt to record a few of the precious instances from the flow of eternity in which he lived.

New articles
The Voice of the Twentieth Century –
Hope of the Future

Each century is held aloft by the sum of all that was great and good in art, literature and philosophy at the time. What then, are the defining achievements of the twentieth century? And how is it possible for one man to change the course of history? (2008)
A Myth Of Creation
Every culture has its own creation myth and their origins are often shrouded in mystery. But folklore sometimes has more truth in it than we are initially willing to admit. That is, until our eyes are opened to a deeper reality that pervades and sustains the universe. (1991)
Christmas In Japan
During the Christmas period of 1985-6, Sri Chinmoy and an international group of his students travelled to Japan. Here are a few personal impressions of that special time – sublime experiences, amusing moments and surprising delights – as we journeyed to the heart of this unique and enchanting land. (1986)
Recently published
Worlds Where Matter And Spirit Meet
For many people, there is a yawning gulf between the reality of the body and the concept of the soul. But when a Spiritual Master of the highest order brings these two worlds together, powerful things happen. (1987)
Sri Chinmoy – Beyond Limits
Greek philosophers looked upon the perfection of man as the highest attainment of mind, body and spirit. In this modern era of ours, Sri Chinmoy has resurrected this ancient ideal and taken it 'beyond limits'. (June 1984)
Two Champions of Peace
Sri Chinmoy visits Berlin Olympic Stadium to offer a tribute to his lifelong athletic idol – Jesse Owens. (July 1985)
Niagara Falls –
A Sri Chinmoy International Peace Falls

On April 15, 1992, Sri Chinmoy visited Niagara Falls for the dedication of this magnificent natural wonder as a 'Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom'. (1992)