A Luminous Ocean Waiting


A Luminous Ocean Waiting


Who is there to protect the unjust,
The malevolent, the rogue or the culprit,
From their own destruction?
Their lives are bitter, lost, barren, uncaring.

Where is the hand of the creator,
Or the heart of the saviour?
Take a look behind their bleeding eyes of pain
To a shadow-land where an innocent child is hiding.

Somewhere, there is a luminous ocean waiting
Beyond the rising waves of anger
That incessantly crash upon their lives —
A flood of delight to calm their tortured minds.   

There must be a place to ease their incandescent pain;
Where they can feel the soothing splash of watercolour
Against the canvas of their lives;
Where all their battered inconsistencies are dissolved.

A place where all duality ceases;
A reign of forgiveness without favour;
And the ineffable fold of oneness is constantly creating
A mysterious compassion that fills the world.

Somewhere, there is a luminous ocean waiting.


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