The Sri Chinmoy Centre has been my life, my journey and my home for many, many years. I hope these pages offer a small glimpse into the joy, the grace and the wonder that is Sri Chinmoy.

Looking back over the many years I have been involved in running, I now wish my pen had hit the paper as often as my feet hit the pavement. There are, however, a few stories here that despite their age may just have a few more miles left in them. The following selection of running articles, anecdotes and stories — some previously published, some not — were written over a number of decades from the 1970s on.


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The Return of Toshihiko Seko 
On December 18, 1985 Sri Chinmoy met with Toshihiko Seko, Japan's champion marathon runner, and his manager Mr. Shoichi Kobayashi, in Tokyo.
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Sri Chinmoy in Australia
In 1984, Sri Chinmoy visited Australia for 5 days. In Melbourne, he performed two Peace Concerts to more than 3,000 people. And in Canberra, he met with some of Australia's top athletes, including Rob de Castella, and national distance running coach Pat Clohessy.
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The Immortal Jesse Owens
One special day in May 1935, Jesse Owens broke 6 world records in less than 1 hour. He went on to became the hero of the 1936 Berlin Olympics, winning an unprecedented 4 gold medals.
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Travelling the Inner Road
On tour with Sri Chinmoy in Germany for 10 days in March 1985 was a non-stop experience of early morning races and evening concerts.
Recently published
Carl Lewis: the Champion Inner Runner
A review of Sri Chinmoy's 1991 book 'Carl Lewis: the Champion Inner Runner'. This is the definitive account of the inner life of a champion athlete.
My Australia South-East Queensland Relay
A group of 10 runners from the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team set out on a 1000km journey to discover the heart of Queensland.
The Ultra Experience
Kishore Cunningham describes the experience of 3 runners who ran for 13 hours to celebrate Sri Chinmoy's arrival in the West on April 13, 1964.