Children of the Unknown


Children of the Unknown


From the playground of false ecstasies
We have come —
The children of the unknown.
To answer the riddle of the vacant form,
We have come.
To shatter the props of our own imaginings,
To dare the angry forest of our bare opinions.

From the community of failed dreams
We have come.
Born of that same discontent
That claws within billions of our kind.
Unknown we have come.
Yet we have come to know.
To come and to go on.

As children, we have come
To follow the pilgrim way;
To begin where the last thought stops
And refuses to walk alone.
Though the goal is far,
We will no longer wait
At the edge of passing eternities.

We will not stop at the gate of acceptance.
We are the alpha and omega of an endless path.
We have come
To unite the separativities of existence,
To lay infinity gently upon a barren mind,
And to cross the battlefield of life and death,
We have come.


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