Running Magazines



In June 1984, members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team published a magazine that covered the running scene in Brisbane. This first issue was called Guide to Brisbane Running and was distributed free of charge to runners in South-East Queensland.

However, the following issues took on a larger audience. Distributed nationally through newsagents, they covered running events and triathlons Australia-wide with regular features from international contributors. It also had a new name — Runners: Oneness-World Harbingers — given by Sri Chinmoy.

When he launched the magazine, he said, "Runners have no country, no nationality – it is all oneness."

Sri Chinmoy eagerly awaited the publication of each issue and read them from cover to cover. He would also make editorial comments and give suggestions for feature articles. He especially loved to read about his athletic heroes, Jesse Owens, Emil Zatopek and others. Sri Chinmoy took great interest in articles about the marathon and he predicted that one day a sub-2-hour marathon would be achieved.