Three Limericks


Three Limericks


There was a young runner named Marion,
Who, in summer, did run with her sari on.
Her feet kept in time
With her marvellous rhyme,
Which left her no choice but to carry on.


There was a young blighter from Coopernook
Who, as a writer, a grave liberty took.
For he admirably chose
Another author’s fine prose,
But for copyright failed he to look.

An unwritten law
Did this ‘writer’ ignore,
As he gleefully rephrased
In the most tactless of ways.
May he be banished to subscript e'er more.


There was a young girl called Juliet,
Who had an old dog for a pet.
She lived by the bay,
On the beach, 'so desu ne',
Where her dog learnt the Japanese alphabet.


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