Poetic Justice


The Sri Chinmoy Centre has been my life, my journey and my home for many, many years. I hope these pages offer a small glimpse into the joy, the grace and the wonder that is Sri Chinmoy.

I place these poems before the Court of Public Opinion, asking that they not be judged too harshly. Though at times I may be guilty of indiscriminate rhyme, inciting mass alliteration, avoiding syntax, harbouring the odd non-sequitur and writing without a poetic licence, these are but literary misdemeanours, prosaic infringements of grammarian law — a price one must pay for the grand pursuit of translating the wordless conversation of the beyond.

Although my spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy may have inspired these poems, he is in no way responsible for their content. For the mundane, the ordinary, or the downright ridiculous, I take full responsibility. And for those that contain a little inspiration, I can only offer my eternal gratitude to my Guru — the Poet-Seer unparalleled — for that.