In the sanctuary of silent calm,
In the fragrant mist of moments near,
Between hours struck,
And the beckoning seconds of tomorrow,
Your smile rests gently upon my heart.   

I catch a wink, a turn, a distant gaze —
A reverie of sweet and hallowed times.
Golden light and streaming joy
Gather at the ocean-rim of my mind,
Expanding the horizons of my sight.   

There, in the perfect dawn of existence,
In the uncrowded expanse of meditation,
For a time, undeserved and undefined,
I play upon the wing-tips of your delight
And lose myself in the sweep of gratitude.   

How I wish you would come more often,
When I'm lost in colourless forgetting,
Feted by illusion, buoyed from spinning
In endless circles of talk and distraction —
Prescinding grace for self-importance.   

I try to grasp the brief fragments of eternity;
To hold the infinite with a finite hand —
A fancy, lost to a fleeting instant of certainty.
Whereas you play so freely with yesterday's promise
And today's blessing, all in a passing moment.

You are the maker and unmaker of time itself;
Hope, beyond the life and death of a universe of tears;
The smile, between the briefest dawn and the longest night.
You live easily within the breathless vast
And in the crying heart of each private dream.   

The world pulls at the frayed edges of silence,
But the subtle fabric of peace is unyielding.
The hush of stillness has its own reward,
Weaving its sacred ribbons of forgiveness
Through the colonnades of time.

I will return,
To the sanctuary of silent calms,
Just to hear you sing
Once more, your favourite songs,
Carried gently upon the echoes of divinity.

I will come again,
To the fragrant mists of moments near,
With a soulful gift of self-offering.
This time, I won't be late.
Your smile is waiting for me there.


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